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Science laboratories

We have well-equipped laboratories for the sciences -Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Performing experiments help students learn techniques and understand textbook concepts better.

Language Lab

The school has an English Language Lab to improvise the language comprehending skills and build vocabulary for effective communication of our students.

Computer lab

The campus is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. Its information technology based learning solutions, multimedia experience and e-resources help students to learn effectively.
The faculty members make continuous efforts to see that the students must get expertise in practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculum. The students are assessed on their practical skills regularly.

Maths Lab – Mindspark

Mindspark is an online math-tutor that teaches!
The interactive interface ensures that the student is not learning passively by listening to someone, or viewing ready-made solutions, but learning by answering questions of progressively increasing complexity levels. An online adaptive, practice and learning tool - Mindspark is an internet-based programme that allows each student to learn with understanding.