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Parental Recommendation

  1. Parents are expected to check their ward's diary daily.

  2. This Diary is one of your links with the school. Occasional remarks from the teachers are conveniently sent through these pages and you are requested to do like-wise

  3. On the 4th Saturday of every month, teachers are available for personal interview in the school in connection with any enquiry concerning the progress/conduct/attendance of the student. Parents are also requested to collect the examination reports of their ward from the school. Parents of S.S.C. Students must meet the teachers with thechild on 4th Saturday of every month.

  4. Visitors are not allowed to meet the class teachers and pupils in their respective classrooms during school hours. Any such business may be transacted with the schoolauthorities at the school office.

  5. The school doesn't guarantee the success of a pupil in his/her studies unless the parents or guardians co-operate with the school authorities and take an active and genuine interest in his/her activitiesin the school.

  6. Parents have to sign the progress sheet as well as the cumulative record which is kept in the school office. The examination results should be scrutinized and remedial measures promptly taken.

  7. Full co-operation of parents/guardians is solicited for the maintenance and furtherance of the standard and discipline of the school.

  8. Parents are requested to see the Notice Board outside the office room for routine information from time to time.

  9. The education of your child is a joint responsibility of yours and ours. Hence we request you to keep in touch with your child's school life by referring to their diary as often as possible.